The Weather Report: Monsoon set to enter Kerala; rains rescue Delhi from heatwave


India is now nearing the end of May and weather-wise it is getting extreme at every end, North and Central India is facing extreme heatwaves, North East India is impacted by unprecedented extreme rainfall events that wreaked havoc in the region during the past week.

The heatwave continues to tumble records in India and on 15 May, Banda in Uttar Pradesh recorded 49.0°C maximum temperature and broke its previous all-time high for the month of May.

So far 49.0°c is the highest maximum temperature recorded by Indian Meteorological Department's manual observatories this summer season.

A woman covers herself with a scarf to protect herself from the sun on a hot summer day, in New Delhi. ANI

Similarly, on 15 May Pilani in Rajasthan with 47.7°C maximum temperature recorded the highest temperature ever in the month of May.

Here is the list of Top 10 Hottest stations in India on Friday, 20 May:

Dholpur 48.1°C
Banda 47.8°C
Jhansi 47.6°C
Hisar 47.5°C
Balsamand 47.5°C
Najafgarh 47.5°C
Gurgaon 47.4°C
Khajuraho 47.2°C
Karauli 47.1°C
Mungeshpur 47.1°C
Nowgong 47.1°C

Following the extreme heatwave event, Western Disturbance finally showed up in North India at the weekend. Dust storms and scattered rains were observed in parts of Delhi NCR, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The winds very strong, typical of summer storms:

• Balsamand 46.3 kmph at 12:45pm
• Sadalpur 51.8 kmph at 2:00pm
• Nurmahal at 44.4kmph at 5:45pm
• Rohtak 66.0 kmph at 6:00pm
• Hoshiarpur 55.5 kmph at 6:30pm
• Una 83.3 kmph at 6:45pm
• Pithoragarh 74.0 kmph at 6:45pm
• Ujwa 77.7 kmph at 7:00pm
• Jafarpur 57.4 kmph at 7:00pm
• Bilaspur 74.0 kmph at 7:15pm
• Kasauli 59.2 kmph at 8:00pm
• Rauni 66.6 kmph at 8:15pm
• Bulandshahar 62.9 kmph at 8:30pm
• Narkanda 62.9 kmph at 8:45pm
• Palampur 62.9 kmph at 9:00pm
• Gurgaon 53.7 kmph at 9:15pm
• Greater Kailash2 62.8kmph at 9:50pm
• Ghaziabad 54.7 kmph at 11:45pm
• Noida 67.6 kmph at 12:00am
• Jind 51.8 kmph at 12:30am
• Mussoorie 55.5 kmph at 1:45am
• Uttarkashi 66.6 kmph at 4:00am
• Champawat 62.9 kmph at 6:00am
• Mahendragarh 55.5kmph 6:30am

North East India is experiencing one of the strongest pre-monsoon seasons in recent times. Parts of Meghalaya and Assam are largely impacted by torrential downpours. Cherrapunji's annual rainfall stands at 4798.8mm so far.

Cherrapunji daily rainfall scorecard during the past week:

14 May = 202.6mm
15 May = 217.8mm
16 May = 423.6mm
17 May = 369.2mm
18 May = 214.6mm
19 May = 204.2mm
20 May = 89.4mm
21 May = 25.0mm

Down south, Bangaluru rains are trending and weather conditions are exceptionally cool for May standards.

Bengaluru City observatory records a maximum temperature of  22.4°C on 19 May making it the second coldest day ever recorded in the month of May. The lowest ever maximum temperature recorded in May is 22.2°C observed way back in 1972.

Representational image

Similarly, on 20 May Bengaluru managed to record the coldest morning in the last 10 years with a minimum temperature of 17.9°C. As per IMD data, total pre-monsoon rains in India from 1 March till 20 May:

• India as a whole recorded a total of 109.5mm rainfall against the average of 107.1mm, a departure from normal Stands at +2 per cent.

• Southern Peninsula: Actual 173.5mm against the average of 92.4mm, +88 per cent departure from normal.

• East & North East India: Actual 398.5mm against the average of 300.6mm, +33 per cent departure from normal.

• North West India: Actual 23.4mm against the average of 101.8mm, -77 per cent departure from normal.

• Central India: Actual 14.1mm against the average of 29.0mm, -52 per cent departure from normal.

All India weather Forecast for Next week till 28 May:

• The Northern Limit of Monsoon continue to pass south of Sri Lanka and covers most parts of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Towards the end of this week, Southwest Monsoon 2022 is expected to advance into India's mainland i.e. to Kerala. Rains mainly of moderate to heavy intensity will continue in Kerala throughout this week.

• The Western Disturbances will remain active in North India. Hence moderate rains and hailstorms will continue in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in this week with relatively cooler weather conditions.

Weather symbols. Image courtesy Peepo/Wikimedia Commons

• Heatwave has abated completely from North West India this week as widespread dust storms and good pre-monsoon rains are bound to visit the region on 23, 24 and 27 May. Many parts of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh are expected to witness strong winds, intense rains, thundershowers and isolated hail storms. The maximum temperature may come down below 40°C at a few stations during this week.

• Under the influence of Western Disturbance and Lower level wind Discontinuity prolonged dry spell is expected to end in Central India as dust storms, rains and thunderstorms are expected in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and interiors of Maharashtra during 23, 24, 26-27 May. Meanwhile, parts of Gujarat may continue to experience dry and hot weather conditions.

• In East India, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Odisha to witness Nor westers during this week, rainfall is expected to be intense along with strong winds and lightning strikes.

• Under the influence of Southerly moisture feeding winds from the Bay of Bengal incessant rains to continue across North East India throughout next week, any significant relief from prolonged rains is not expected any time soon. Region-Wise detailed weather forecasts till 28 May.

North India:

Significant weather Synopsis:

• Moderate Western Disturbance.

• Cyclonic circulation over Punjab.

• Major drop in day temperatures.

The ongoing spell of a heatwave in North India is abating this weekend as a sust storm and rains are expected.

Under the combined impact of Western Disturbance and the formation of cyclonic circulation near Punjab, conditions are very favourable for scattered dust storms and rains on 22 May followed by widespread rains, intense thundershowers and hails in the region on 23, 24 and 27 May.

Most parts of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh to witness summer Storms this week which may ultimately result in drop in day Temperatures to below 40°c levels.

In Himalayas Pre Monsoon Rains and Thundershowers are expected to continue with varied Intensity throughout this week, below Normal Temperatures are likely in the hills this week.

Expected Rainfall Accumulation in North India states till 28 May:

• Himachal Pradesh: 70mm
• Uttarakhand: 60mm
• Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh: 50mm
• Punjab: 40mm
• Haryana: 30mm
• Delhi 30mm
• Uttar Pradesh: 30mm
• Rajasthan: 20mm

Central India:

Significant weather synopsis:

• Dipping Western Disturbance

• Lower level Wind Instability

Under the influence of the following weather systems, the prolonged spell of dry weather is expected to end in the Central parts of India in the upcoming week.

Moderate Intensity Rains and Thundershowers are expected in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Vidarbha in Maharashtra on 23, 24 and 27 May. The heatwave is expected to abate from most parts of Central India as well.
Meanwhile, parts of Gujarat and East Maharashtra and Mumbai may continue to observe dry weather conditions during this week.

Expected Rainfall Accumulation in Central India states till 28 May:

Madhya Pradesh: 20mm
Chhattisgarh: 20mm
Maharashtra: 10mm
East India:

Significant weather synopsis:

• Western Disturbance on upper levels.

• Lower Level Wind Instability in East India.

• Moisture feeding Southern Winds from Bay of Bengal in North East India.

Under the influence of the following weather systems, one can expect major Nor-Wester in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal daily in the late afternoon to evening hours.
Strong winds, Intense rains and lightning strikes are to be observed in many parts of the region.

As the southern winds continue to feed the clouds in North East India, One should not expect any significant improvement in weather conditions during the next week. Moderate to heavy rains will continue in Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh throughout the week. Parts of Meghalaya may experience spells of very heavy rains in a 24 hour period as well.

Expected Rainfall Accumulation in East India states till 28 May:

Bihar: 30mm
Jharkhand: 20mm
West Bengal: 50mm
Odisha: 40mm

South India:

Significant weather synopsis:

• Monsoon making onset in Kerala.
• Lower level Wind Instability induced rains in other states.

The South West Monsoon is expected to make Onset in Kerala over this mid week, On and Off Moderate to heavy rains to continue in the state during the next week.

Parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to experience scattered moderate pre-monsoon rains this week whereas Monsoon is expected to Advance at the southern Tip of Tamil Nadu along with Kerala.

Pre-monsoon rains are expected to commence over Goa during this week but rainfall activities are expected to stay light and isolated in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh this week.

Expected Rainfall Accumulation in the South Indian states till 28 May:

Kerala: 90mm
Karnataka: 30mm
Tamil Nadu: 30mm
Goa: 20mm
Andhra Pradesh: 10mm
Telangana: 10mm

The author, better known as the Rohtak Weatherman, interprets and explains complex weather patterns. His impact-based forecasts @navdeepdahiya55 are very popular in north India.

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The Weather Report: Monsoon set to enter Kerala; rains rescue Delhi from heatwave
The Weather Report: Monsoon set to enter Kerala; rains rescue Delhi from heatwave
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